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Junior Rep Netball (12-14 years)

Congratulations to all players in our Junior Representative Program who trialled for our 2024 teams.


We would like to extend gratitude to all players for giving their best and showing consistent effort. The selection process was highly competitive and we would like to congratulate players on their selection to squads/team.


We would like to thank all players who trialled and were unsuccessful. We encourage you to continue pursuing your passion for Netball. Remember that setbacks are a natural part of any journey, and they often pave the way for future success.


Please see below announcements of squads and teams.

- 12 White Team 

- 12 Black Team

- 12 Gold Team

(consists of 3 teams, players will be selected for final teams after the first carnival in 2024, 2 training partners will be selected for the 13 White team)

- 14 Squad Announcement

(consists of 4 teams, Silver & White will be selected after the first 2 weeks of training, players will be selected into Gold/Black teams after the first carnival in 2024)


Once again, Congratulations to all players! Looking forward to a great 2024.

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