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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and as such if there is a question you have that is not contained within, feel free to contact us.




How do I sign my child up for Netball?


If you are looking to sign your child up for Winter or Summer season (ages 5-17yr olds) please refer to our Clubs page (on the website) and contact the Club of your choice for the registration process.



Do you have someone available to chat?


Yes, we do but depending on what you want to chat about will dictate who is best placed to answer your question, please be advised as we are all volunteers it may take a while to respond to your query.

I have a child that wants to play club netball what is the process for this?


Please refer to the club’s tab on our website and select an affiliated club and make contact with them for further assistance.


What are the fees for playing club netball?


The fees are set by the clubs or teams that you will sign up for.  Please contact your respective club or proposed club, details of each club are available under the club’s tab on our website.


What are the dates for the CNA netball season?


Please refer to the calendar under the what’s on tab located on the CNA website.


Where do I access the CNA draw?


Please refer to the Netball Connect App for further information.  For exact details please contact your club official.


Hi I have a question about the grading of teams who can help me?


Your first point of contact needs to be your club official.  If you still require assistance after that please contact our competitions director for further assistance


It is raining is netball still on??


Netball is always on, unless you are specifically told it is cancelled via our Facebook page or your club representative, if you have further questions, please contact your club to assist you further.


Why is netball still on when it is raining and dangerous?


We appreciate that you may believe it is dangerous; however, quite often the rain eases over the course of a day and if we cancelled each time it rained players would miss a lot of netball, that would be impossible to reschedule. As with everything safety is paramount to us; however, if you believe it is too dangerous to travel or play you have the absolute right to not attend or participate.


I have lost an item at CNA has it been handed in?


Please contact our office for further assistance



Any further umpiring questions please contact our Development Director at

Who do I contact to organise umpires?


Please email our development director


How do I become an umpire?


Please contact your respective club,  we run programs at CNA to teach our umpires everything they need to know,  your club will be able to nominate you for our programs





Any further questions regarding ladies netball please contact

When and where is ladies, netball played?


Monday night is at Morayfield indoor stadium, Tuesday night is at Caboolture Netball Association. 

More details can be found under Competitions.


 I want to play ladies netball but I don’t have a team who can help me?


Please contact our Night Competition Convenor at


I am having registration problems for ladies netball can you help?


Please contact our Night Competition Convenor at






Any further Representative netball questions please contact our Rep director at

When are the representative trials?


Please keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for details, if you require further assistance, please email our Representative Director on


How is grading conducted for Rep netball?


Please refer to the Rep Netball tab on our website for further information.

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